16. THE RENOVATIONS ARE OVER!!.... or nearly
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19. MEET OUR STAFF - BETTY or otherwise known as "Miss B" - BLACKSBURG, VA
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THE RENOVATIONS ARE OVER!!.... or nearly Kiss

Posted On : May 09, 2012

February saw the initiation of the renovations to the rooms and public areas at Clay Corner Inn. Finally now we have finalized 95% of them and we believe the Inn is looking GOOODDDD !! We painted everywhere, put in some colors to make the walls pop and added some great artwork achieved by a local painter. We'll be introducing him in a future blog so you can get to know him. Each of our rooms are themed by an area close to Blacksburg. We have the "New River Room" that obviously takes on the theme of the famous New River with boats and fishing gear. The "Hokie Room", a must being located opposite to VTech. Then we have the " Blacksburg Suite" filled with purples and rich colors, textures and pictures, old and new, of downtown Blacksburg. In the Dogwood house you'll find an amazing birch tree painted on one of the rooms of the "Cascade Suite" and pictures of the beautiful cascade falls hung on walls of greens & chocolate browns. Upstairs we have 2 rooms, one of which is the "Huckleberry Room" taking its name from the Huckleberry trail. In this room you will see trains & trail items on walls of Teal & Grey. Across the landing you'll find the most romantic room in the Inn, the "VirginiaZen", created for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and, why not, a romantic get-a-way weekend. The room has a cool mosquito net flowing over the bed and the room is painted in a deep Moroccan red with the contrast of black. This seems to be a winner among our guests J Then we come to the main house and the "Appalachian Suite". This room has a great sun room with all wood pine walls and a skylight. The main room of this suite has snowshoes and a woodzy feeling to it. The last room on our tour is the "Blue Ridge room" decked out in blues, greens & yellows very bright and airy. All our rooms have PRIVATE bathrooms and pictures of our rooms can be seen on our website under "Our Rooms". We've also made changes to the main public areas and we hope you like them as much as we do.

Go check them out on our website and like us on our Clay Corner Inn facebook page. Like that you can let us know your thoughts:!/ClayCornerInn

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