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Clay Corner Inn, Blacksburg, Virginia

Difference between Clay Corner Inn & a hotel

In the midst of vacation planning, you may find yourself wondering: what is the difference between a bed and breakfast and a hotel? Arguably one of the most essential factors in travel preparations is deciding on the perfect place to stay. What it is that matters the most to you and your travel companions? Maybe you enjoy the idea of staying in a unique suite with an expertly curated aesthetic. Perhaps you require specific amenities to ensure that you’re able to work remotely from the comfort of your room.

One of the many benefits of booking a stay at Clay Corner Inn is that you can optimize your vacation by staying somewhere that caters to the type of experience you want. What is it that draws you to the area? Whether you’re interested in the history and nature of Southwest Virginia, or you are in town to visit Virginia Tech, chances are Clay Corner Inn can enhance your stay and accommodate your passions 

One major perk of staying at Clay Corner Inn is that each of our rooms offer a distinct style instead of the exact same room style and décor as every other room. If you have stayed one, you know exactly what to expect each time, which we admit can be nice when the occasion warrants. However, one of the greatest benefits that come with staying at Clay Corner Inn is that the amenities are more personalized. Because each room is unique in style, each has a set of amenities to make you more comfortable. With us, there is never a  “fee” for Wi-Fi, bottled water, and we treat all of our guests to locally made truffles upon your arrival. You can park in your private parking space and walk one block to the VT campus or two blocks downtown. We even have a temperature-controlled outdoor swimming pool under the ambiance of the trees. Given that the word breakfast is in the name bed and breakfast, it comes as no surprise that we serve some of the most delicious, homemade meals in the morning. We offer a personalized menu to each guest to order exactly what you want, where you want to eat and at what time. This is far from a simple buffet with cereal, scrambled eggs, and stale toast provided by most “continental” breakfasts.

Not only do we provide the most unique overnight lodging venue, but we also offer the perfect location for your dream wedding. You can host your ceremony, private reception, and house your guests all in one place. Clay Corner Inn is also great for great honeymoon destinations.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what the differences are between bed and breakfasts and hotels. Rest assured that when you choose to stay at Clay Corner Inn, you’re granting yourself the vacation of your dreams.




401 Clay Street SW
Blacksburg, VA 24060