The Modern B & B
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Clay Corner Inn, Blacksburg, Virginia

The Modern B & B

We know what you're thinking - staying in a bed and breakfast is so old school. On top of that, you are certainly worried about staying at a small boutique B & B... is it safe?  In fact, our motto is “Stay small, Stay safe” because we are able to keep tighter control and cleanliness policies than a large hotel. Let’s dive into how Clay Corner Inn is a modern B & B that can provide this level of comfort. 

When you think of a bed and breakfast, you might think of black tea and crumpets. The main expectation is a cozy room to spend the night and a delicious breakfast in the morning. There are ways to make traveling more comforting, almost like you are at home. Hotels can be impersonal and feel cold. Who enjoys those endless, bland, repetitive hallways?  Choose somewhere that has a special touch. Many people choose hotels because they don’t realize the little things that bed and breakfasts provide, such as breakfast that can be catered to your dietary restrictions, owners with years of knowledge about local attractions, and of course, affordability. Josh and the Clay Corner staff are doing everything they can to provide a safe and healthy stay for you and your family. Clay Corner Inn has added some new features to their guest experiences.

Clay Corner Inn takes traveling small to a whole new level. With new modernizations always being added, Clay Corner stays on top of its game. Did you know that Clay Corner offers:

 Contactless check-in - a way to provide guests a safe and convenient way to start their stay at the B & B. Easily check-in right from your phone when you arrive. 

  • Electronic locks so that no key is necessary for your stay. No more having to worry about losing a key or having to meet with the front desk to get inside your room. 

  • Phone itinerary in your text messages, as well as any other information you need for your stay. 

  • Air purifiers- Each room has an air purifier which reduces the chances of spreading airborne disease and can help improve sleep.

  • Interactive TVs-   Our new Apple TVs will give you the best local recommendations and access to your favorite streaming apps, channels, and more!

What is the best part of a B & B?  Well, breakfast of course!  Clay Corner makes it super simple and safe.  Simply follow the provided link to the order form and choose what you would like and if you want it brought to your door or boxed up if you are on the run!

As you can see, bed and breakfasts have changed a lot since you first imagined them. By adding new contactless technology, electronic locks, and more, Clay Corner makes sure they stay on top of new features to provide the best experience. Next time you stay at a B & B like Clay Corner, do not expect crumpets, expect more!  On our next blog, learn about the wonderful shared spaces at our B & B!




401 Clay Street SW
Blacksburg, VA 24060