Common Spaces
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Clay Corner Inn, Blacksburg, Virginia

Common Spaces

Feel right at home from miles away. Bed and Breakfasts take both the fun of traveling and the comfort of home into one. Unlike large hotels, B & B’s allow you to enjoy a relaxed travel experience. From unique bedrooms, local owners, to common spaces a nice B & B has a different feel. We often are asked...what exactly is a common space? If you don’t like sharing a big hotel kitchen and lobby with lots of people, it is intimate and perfect for you.

One common misunderstanding for Bed and Breakfast is the concept of common spaces. What are they?  Do I have to share a bathroom with people I don't know? They are much different from hotels, and much more personal. And no, each of our rooms comes with your own private bathroom, like in our Appalachian  or Smithfield Rooms. Our common spaces are much more functional than hotels, including a fully stocked kitchen, appliances, and everything you need to make you feel at home. You will have access to four different living rooms and kitchens, if the kitchen in your house is being occupied you can use another. Don’t want to cook? Ask our friendly staff for a local recommendation. Instead of sharing amenities with 50 other hotel rooms. You will share a homey living area with those staying in the same home as you. Of course, you also have access to our wonderful outdoor spaces such as the pool and seating areas

As far as your private room is concerned, you have an array of amenities there too! Head back to your room and rest in comfort. 

In our Virginia Zen King room and all our rooms at Clay Corner Inn, there is an array of amenities included to make your stay more welcoming. This includes a coffee machine to make the perfect morning roast. As well as hairdryers and bathrobes in your private bathrooms, so you feel like royalty as you get ready for a night on the town.  Oh, and don’t forget to warm up by the toasty electric fireplace after an evening of hiking and dining. Wi-Fi is included in your stay as well in case you have to do a little work while on vacation. Finally, it won’t be a guest room without an interactive television with your favorite streaming options to watch a great movie before heading to bed.

Bed and Breakfasts take traveling to a new level. Experience comfort staying in a home away from home with private bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and amenities. Unlike crowded hotels, Clay Corner Inn puts the focus back on you. Join us for our next blog to talk about new ownership and new improvements.




401 Clay Street SW
Blacksburg, VA 24060