New Ownership at Clay Corner Inn
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Clay Corner Inn, Blacksburg, Virginia

New Ownership at Clay Corner Inn

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Clay Corner Inn has recently gotten new local owners? If you haven’t stopped by the local bed and breakfast, what are you waiting for? And if you have, you know that it is a loved corner of tradition in Blacksburg, a true hidden gem.  In February of 2019, Joshua Roseberry took over as general manager of Clay Corner Inn.  Over the next year, Josh worked tirelessly to rebuild the quaint Inn and fell in love with Clay Corner. When the pandemic hit, the owner wanted to make a change as the industry outlook was foggy. Joshua was didn’t want to see the bed and breakfast to go under, so he and his wife, Jenna, met with a local attorney along with several local business mentors and found a way to take over the establishment under their own business entity. The two began Mountain Rose, LLC, which now operates Clay Corner Inn as of July 1, 2020.  Josh told me in a recent interview, “Our goal was to keep Clay Corner Inn open and operating as a bed and breakfast and local event venue for years to come. We wanted to do all we could to weather this storm”.  As life-long locals, neither Josh nor Jenna could imagine seeing such a charming part of Blacksburg’s history cease to exist. 

Speaking of tradition, we were curious to find out what new changes we could potentially see from Clay Corner. Josh says that they are constantly working to modernize Clay Corner Inn while maintaining its historic charm. They are slowly updating each room to fully embrace a theme of local landmarks and even showcase local art. Let’s talk upgrades!  First, all the TVs have been updated to have more interactive services. Josh and his team put in all electronic locks and are working to upgrade the grounds with deck renovations and an expansion. Finally, they are working on upgrading the HVAC system property-wide to make sure guests are cool and comfortable year-round. Looking for some fun? Josh and Jenna have reintroduced events and catering to Clay Corner!  Offering safe and private pool parties to custom private events, Clay Corner is a truly beautiful and unique venue. The bed and breakfast is an opportunity to provide guests with an alternative to a conference room and to experience a local Inn. 

Lots of great changes are happening, but Josh and Jenna do not want to get rid of the traditions that make Clay Corner Inn so special. An individual touch and specialized service will always be their cornerstone. The terms customer service and guest satisfaction are tossed around often and by many in the industry, but few owners truly deliver. They take customer service to heart, saying how it isn’t responding to a guest’s need but more often anticipating that need and providing a solution before it becomes a need. Service is providing a guest with a wow factor that exceeds their expectations. Finding a solution when the inevitable problem occasionally does arise and making it right as quickly as possible. They want to deliver an experience, not just a good night’s sleep.

For the Roseberry’s, owning a bed and breakfast is a dream come true. Hospitality has always been Josh’s passion. His entire career has been managing restaurants and hotels and he has never had a desire to do anything else. Creating an environment that provides an experience that someone will keep with them forever is his ultimate goal. Josh says, “The challenges of a small-town market and an ever-changing field make each day new and fresh.” Jenna also has a history in hospitality and deep ties to the community. She continues to work full-time at the VT Corporate Research Center, helping their tenants be successful. They both truly love what they do.





401 Clay Street SW
Blacksburg, VA 24060